Malay Sex Tips

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Learn About Exotic Sex Tips in this Blog. (Malay Sex Tips)

Dear all,

This blog is created by me so that all people of the world can learn about the ancient and exotic sex tips from this part of the world. For your info, the Malay World consists the people from the Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Brunei. Geographically, people in between the countries below Thailand and above Australia are consider the Malay people. Although they have thousand of subraces and thousand of subdialects between them, to make it easier for your understanding, we just refer them as the Malay people. What I'm going to reveal you is an ancient, old and exotic texts about how the practice their sex routine.

Just like Karma Sutra, the ancient old text of the Indian Subcontinental, this is the Malay Sex Tips from the Malay World. I'll reveal the tips, one by one, and you guys are free to comment on those sex tips. Enjoy... :-)